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“As an employee of Santa Anita Park for over 35 years, I supervise in a Department that can have up to 300 employees on busy days. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the accomplishments of Winner’s Foundation. They are just a phone call away, always ready to do whatever is necessary to help. I have had many experiences with them for our many employees, coworkers and their families. They have aided with alcohol, drug, mental health, gambling, and family issues. We have had many success stories over the years. A lot of our employees have limited health insurance and can’t afford time off work to get help. Winner’s helps in so many ways, whether they need food, clothing, medical or housing, Winner’s is first up to help. Currently, Winner’s is helping me assist several employees who are having Covid- related isolation issues, helping with the mental health treatments. For myself, I cannot thank them enough for helping me and my family also. To have this organization available is a Godsend!”


“Winners Foundation is committed to helping the California Horse racing community deal with personal and mental health issues. Winners Foundation takes a professional, trustworthy, and caring approach to helping Racetrack employees of any level. From racetrack management to horse trainers, jockeys, or caretakers, Winners Foundation provides a confidential caring professional approach to counseling. Their approach integrates all aspects of health and wellness and they utilize a variety of advanced services to ensure treatment is tailored to the person’s individual needs. Their compassion and teamwork as a treatment team ensure patients can feel safe and ready to engage in healing. In my position, I have witnessed Darin Scharer repeatedly. They go the extra mile to help racetrack personal and their family members. They have generous and kindhearted counselors that are there for anyone who needs help with a crisis in their lives. Life can be stressful; the horse racing industry is a competitive stressful environment. I am thankful and appreciative of the fine work Winner Foundation provides California Racetrack employees.”



“I would like you to know what Winners Foundation did for me. Last summer I had a health scare. I was losing a lot of weight and some friends got very concerned. I did not know that I was malnourished and it kept influencing my decisions, not in a good way. My friends got me in touch with Darin and he realized what was happening and immediately got me into a hospital. Darin and my friends helped with insurance and paperwork where Doctors told me I would not have survived another 10 days. After a week in the hospital, Winners got me aftercare which taught me what to do to regain my health. Within weeks I was able to return to work with knowledge of what to do to prevent this from happening again. Winners Foundation saved my life, I feel better than I have in years, and for that, I am so grateful!!!” 


“I know this is so overused, but Winners Foundation literally saved my life. Without the programs and services that Winners Foundation provided, there is no way I would have the life I have now. From sleeping on park benches to now owning my own home, and having steady employment, Winners helped me put my life back together. I feel happier, healthier and appreciative for each day.”

-A former client

“There is little room error on the track and in the barns when dealing with the power of a race horse.  We need everyone sharp-eyed and clear-headed when handling these beautiful horses.  In this industry, we take care of our own.  Good talent is hard to come by.  Winners Foundation has counseled several of our employees back to a sense of fulfillment, peace of mind and a productive life.  We want to continue this legacy of taking care of our horses and our workers.  Winners Foundation helps us get there. “

-Horse Trainer